Hello and welcome!

I’m in awe that this is happening and you are here. I’m amazed, thrilled, so excited, bursting at the seams, absolutely elated that this is coming together so well.

I am Making Music RIGHT NOW, and I get to share it with you – share the process of making it – with YOU.

That feels so extra special to me I can’t begin to explain. But let me try to begin to explain!

Tears. That’s all there are when I try to explain. Tears of joy.

I feel so blessed.

I have an awesome computer, awesome instruments, and I get to work on awesome ideas – some of which I’ve held in my head or my heart for what feels like forever – and let them blossom into big, beautiful, vibrant flowers of music that just makes my heart rock. 

Someone asked me that the other day – what kind of music I was making – and that’s what I said.

“Heart Rock. Like – it feels good in my heart and MAN does it Rock!!! *prawrrrwraawwrrrrrrrwwraaawwwwrrrrr*(air guitar solo)”


I love it so much.

And I really hope you do to.

I’m just so loving that I get to share all of this through this site. It feels like such a blessing and a win-win. I get to make new music, you get to listen to it, and it’s all happening NOW. 

So – THANK YOU for being here, thank you for listening, and thank you most of all for coming along on this musically amazing journey to new heart-rocking awesomeness.

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