Ok. Wow.

This is working out SO BEAUTIFULLY.


Second, I AM LOVING this warm, intimate, blurry, memory-feeling vibe that is happening!!

Building up the song from the idea, this is what I did:

        1. Put my idea track into Logic, realize it was pretty out of tune (makes sense for the time/temperature/etc of my instruments on the mountain), so pitch it up 30cents.
        2. Consider the tempo. Decide I want it to be 68bpm. Not as fun as 69, I know, but for some reason when it comes to key signatures, I really prefer even numbers. Something about it just feels right. So 68 it is.
        3. Start building in the fluff. Not like fluff pieces, but, building in the general vibe I want happening. Of the original idea, which aspects are my FAVORITE or most memorable lines. For sure, I am absolutely in love with that key guitar line I was telling you about earlier. So that for sure is going to be an ongoing feature.
        4. Lay out the general song with piano parts. Play every important rhythm & note with that instrument so I can decide later how/what is really working for me.
        5. Add in some bass. I super duper love how bass grounds out a song and makes it feel like it’s got balls. Not in a sexual way you grossies, but – there’s a beefy, manly, strut-your-stuffness about bass in music that really just … brings in the thunder. I love it so much. I love how it balances out the high sounds, the tinkly sounds, and I have a high voice. Not all the time, but I know I’ve got very present aspects to my vocal characteristics that are well-served by a good, solid low-end. So getting that in there REALLY helps build a foundation of strength for the other sounds to live.
        6. Add in some harmonies. Bring the angels. I love it when ethereal harmonies open up the potential for greater impact, broader sense of space between the ears, and just give me goosebumps to figure out what the right melody is or wordset might be for the main vocal.
        7. Add some guitars. Obviously, I LOVE that lead guitar line from the original idea, so I set about learning what that was again. I love the sound of panned guitars, will always remember how much I loved hearing the Postal Service play with hard-panned left-right sounds in one of their early 2000 records, and so I love the idea of incorporating that kind of definitive space into this mix. I also love my AirPods so much and realize that most of the world today is listening to music with some kind of plug-in earpiece, so I think it’s so much fun to tailor a mix for that kind of experience.
        8. Listen to it for a while. Figure out what this new version is about. Basically – I play this idea on loop for … maybe an entire day, just living in the vibe.
        9. Decide what the words are gonna be. This is the cool part. This is where I ask: What would be the coolest thing for this song? What is this song wanting? What can I give it? Where can we intersect in a new and awesome way that feels good to me & good for my love of this song/the original idea? And so I sit down, give myself some space to hear the answer, and it just comes.
          This is something I’ve practiced for a while now, so I recognize it when it arrives. I know when to settle myself into the microphone, I know when to hit record. I know that when I open my mouth, what comes out is gonna be on the right track.

So I do, and it does.

I can’t shake it, I’ve been making excuses. I can’t fake it, noone but you can do this, yeah.”



Holy shit. What kind of song is this?!?! And I kindof reel a bit. First off-I’m so flabbergasted at the amazingness of the timing and placement of the melody, I hadn’t heard that before, and I’m IN LOVE with where it’s going. Then, I consider the lyrics that came out, and I’m like – yeah. I have been making excuses. For a lot of things, but really – for … not “doing this” more often. It had felt like forever since I’d made music, since I’d felt my heart full of the love for this … THING that I become when I open myself up to the flow.

Anyhow. So I had to sit again for a minute and just settle in with the idea that was coming across. With the idea I was letting myself embody.

I decided I didn’t want it to be a regretty song. I’ve written a ton of regretty songs before, and I wanted this to turn right away to a better feeling song than that.

So I thought, “How can this not be such a regretty song, but more of a good-feeling song?”

And I realized – It’s kindof seeming like a song about love.

About that feeling when – everything falls away. Bliss just exists.

Bliss becomes a permeating feeling – it becomes tangible. In fact – it becomes the window in which everything is viewed.

It’s like stepping through a curtain of Before, and Now.

Now is golden. Warm. Glowing. Shimmering. Magical. Special. Loved. Adored. Intimate. Delicious. Tantalizing. FUN. Adventurous. Frisky. Knowing.

These are all kinds of good feelings that I know about & have a good history to draw from.

So for the rest of the song, I just think about that & describe it. Give myself the opportunity to lyrically paint that warm glowing space that an idea like this lives in.

IRONICALLY – or perfect-timingly – Pico my sweet sweet boy kitty walks right into my room while I’m laying down bass for this song.

What I loved so much about reflecting on this was, it reminded me of when he came into my life. When the person who brought him to my doorstep first handed him to me and he instantly cuddled into my chin and started purring and I just – pure love poured out of me for him. Pure love.

And there have been other times with boys involved where – the fun and friskiness of first interactions together just take over my world. Make it seem like that’s the only place I want to be for who cares how long. It’s SO GOOD.

So I sit with these thoughts & let the rest of the music just guide that intention.

I’m chopping up vocal parts & placing them like record skips.

I’m not doing any file maintenance – I’m leaving all the hard edges, ins and outs of vocal cut-ups.

I’m letting the breaths become part of the punctuation of the song, not something that I would normally edit out or decrease in volume. 

This is about the breathing & intimacy & warm glow.

I am so in love with this song.

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