This got GOOOOD!!

Talk about a ton of sassafras lil’miss sassy pants all over this joint!!!

OOOF! I love this.

Ok. Here’s what we’ve got going on.

        1. Bass. Big Baller Bass.
        2. Drums. Big Boomy Toms. OOOH do I love the sound of big boomy toms.
        3. Gritty Ass Guitar. Gnarly-f*ked up gritty filthy guitar tone that just sounds SO SICK.
        4. F-d up vocal texture. I want to add some spank to the voice – some audible grit – because I’m singing this from my chest voice. If you don’t know the implications of that it means – I’m singing (for me) in a sonic range that is nearly equivallant to the mid-range of the piano and the usual range of most guitar notes. So there’s going to be a lot of overlap happening. I’m also singing from my chest a bunch, which introduces a woody tone that I really quite prefer for a song of this kind of energy, so I know that I will need some kind of … middle-higher texture present to help amplify my vocal tendencies. Help clue in just a touch what the words are. Just enough to keep the vocals discernable.


Dang. I just love those drums so much. I love how bullish-big-boi-badass they feel with the bassline of the piano. It’s like this gnarly awesome duo just holding down the fort all over the place.

Ooh Ooh – I don’t know if you heard “The Curse” from “Why Do We Sing” that I released in 2008, but imagine the gnar-town of that song if it were to have some badass drums kicked up with it. Wow that would be something.

Anyhow – I personally feel SO satisfied with the super deep texture from The Curse coming through in this jam. So cool.

So – YEAH!!!

Those drum fills at the end are just killing me!!! That’s EXACTLY how I’d imagine it played live – where it just goes ape-shit nutz at the end!!!

Oooh and if I’m being a hyper-critical listener, I LOVE the cymbal tone. Absolutely LOVE the tone of those cymbals.

Even as I’m writing this I can’t stop playing it on repeat. I am SO stoked with how this built out. SOOOOO STOKED.

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